Traditio memoriae. Ritratto di Maria Teresa Acquaro Graziosi

Mauro Sarnelli

The work is divided into two parts. The first (the Commemoration) aims to reconstruct not only Maria Teresa Acquaro Graziosi’s academic and intellectual career, but also her life. Her study curriculum shows how she ranged widely, from humanist philology and literature to that of the Renaissance and of Arcadia, revealing a particular interest in epistolography, biography and the poetic Fortleben of myth. In her university career she became a full professor of Italian literature, while her activity in the Academy of Arcadia led her to occupy the position of Custode Generale. The second part of the work (a still partial Bibliography) aims to offer a vivid description of her multifarious interests, placing them within the contexts in which they arose and were expressed, and seeking to expand the perspective to everything that could shed further light on her studies and her life.

Keywords: Classical tradition; Humanism; Renaissance; Arcadia; Literary criticism (20th21st century).